Finally carving again!

Forest Rays

It took me awhile – about a month! – to work out the design for my next print. Here’s a little cartoon preview; the final print probably won’t look anything like this, but I hope to capture the same (or better and more mystical!) mood. I’m satisfied enough, though, to move forward with drawing and cutting key lines.

The path was long – I started with a pencil sketch, then imported into a drawing program and did a few vector versions so I could test out color/shading variations, then traced a couple of times before being happy with the lines. Above is the finished line work, and how it appears after transferring to the block, plus the first day’s carving.

There are lots of lines here! Some of them are not going to be part of the key block, but will be saved as other transfer sheets that I will use later when I carve color blocks for regions that won’t have outlines, such as the areas of light and shadow on the path.

2 thoughts on “Finally carving again!

  1. Wow! I can see how you had a huge process to get your design. It’s amazing! How many color blocks do you anticipate? Will you get the light by color block or an overlay of ?? White?

    I am progressing on trying to understand effects as well but much simpler. Plus trying to get my skills around working with the clay pigments. Some success but….anyway mine is leaning more on Laura’s painterly approach.

    Anyway the journey and the planning are half the fun eh?

    Ps…didn’t get that emboss I was trying for. I get it when I am not trying. Probably the paper factor. It’s just like trying to hit a moving target. I think the more I try though…..

    Best, Teri



    1. Thanks Teri!
      I don’t know yet how many blocks I’ll need. Probably way too many!
      I hope I can get the light beams by leaving some areas lighter. Deciding that a reasonable plan B would be to use very dilute opaque white is what gave me the courage to commit to this design and start carving.
      Good luck with your printing, and thanks for the encouragement!


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