5 thoughts on “Printing progress

  1. Your print is looking good Karen! I love the emboss or impression this paper holds. I am wondering…when you used the USO Mino for transfer of the key lock for the color block prep….did you get a peel? Other than the transfer paper?




    1. Thanks Teri!
      No I haven’t gotten a great peel using the Uso Mino. The extra paper sorta peeled off in strips, but I was able to get the extra off to better visualize transferred lines.


  2. Thanks for the reply Karen
    I’m making some prints for Jed Henry and wanted some nice paper
    Was sent here by Cameron at Mokuhankan
    I was hoping you would say that
    It doesn’t mention anything about sizing on the website so just thought I’d ask
    Great prints by the way

    Thankyou for your help



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